Brace up for another hike in petrol and diesel prices

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You know what, they say fuel prices in India are still subsidized. And that these highly subsidized fuel prices (as our nation’s illustrious leaders put it) are hurting our country’s interests by adding to the fiscal deficit. Now you cannot expect our political leaders to bring  their hard earned billions, stashed away safely in Swiss banks back into the system, so the only choice they are left with is to increase the fuel prices yet again. Poor things!

law abiding and patient citizens as all of us Indians are, we would have no choice but to sit back, relax and enjoy as the prices are hiked by another 3 rupees per liter for both petrol and diesel. The hike is just around the corner, as the state assembly polls are just getting over, and the incumbent government has squeezed out of you all that it cares for – your vote.

By all means, the prices of fuel are going to continue their northwards journey in the coming days. Expect the sales in the auto market to further dwindle down, and keep telling yourself that the Rs100 /liter mark is soon to be nudged – that’s the only scientifically proven way to be comfortable with the price levels for fuel.


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