BMW Financial Services India reinvents and simplifies ‘customer connect’ through an innovative social media campaign

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BMW Financial Services India has launched a strategic campaign ‘Half is not Full’ to reinvent the customer connect.

Finance products are considered dry and complicated topics at large. As a usual practice, customers start considering financial solutions only after the vehicle has been chosen. It is after this stage that one starts considering various payment modes, loan options, add-on services etc.

‘Half is not Full’ campaign breaks away from this existing perception about financial products and services and draws attention to the importance of offering solutions that can be comprehended effortlessly. It emphasises the need of a complete brand experience and seamless service quality.

Dr. Stefan Schlipf, MD, BMW Financial Services India (1)

BMW Financial Services India provides end-to-end automotive financial solutions which are significantly valuable to the premium clientele who require exclusive and flexible options. BMW Financial Services India took up the task to simplify communication on financial products and services and turn it into attractive and easy-to-understand information. The ‘Half is not Full’ campaign has been designed to generate customer interest and sustain it throughout each stage of the purchase process.

Commenting on the successful launch of the campaign, Dr. Stefan Schlipf, Managing Director, BMW Financial Services India, said, “BMW Financial Services India is dedicated to provide a ‘complete brand experience’ to its customers, be it in terms of tactical delivery of products and services or service quality. We understand the need to offer transparent financial solutions that can be easily understood by all our customers. The ‘Half is not Full’ campaign has struck a chord with customers as it highlights product substance while bringing the subject of financial products to the fore in a very simple manner.”

The starting point of the ‘Half is not Full’ campaign was the creation of three exciting videos that were unveiled exclusively on social media in a phased manner. The videos are conceptualised on personal milestones in a couple’s life – ‘The Proposal’, ‘The Marriage’ and ‘The Birthday’. Each video narrates a couple’s emotional experience during these events which remains incomplete due to a certain ‘twist in the tale’. Starting on an engaging note, the videos subtly create curiosity but end on a comical note.

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