VIDEO: The Ghe-O Motors Rescue is the ultimate saviour vehicle


Ghe-O Motors Rescue

If you and your friends decide to go on a remote hiking/trekking/skiing or whatever holiday anywhere, you might wanna consider keeping some backup rescue service ready. If the untoward were to happen and you get stuck somewhere no 4x4s can go, you would need something really big, powerful and versatile to pull you out. A Romanian company called Ghe-O Motors has designed and built just the vehicle you might need – it’s called the Rescue. Very aptly named and also a very unimaginative one at that. However, the things Rescue can do, aren’t unimaginative at all.

Ghe-O Motors Rescue

The Rescue has more optional extras than your German luxury saloon.

The Ghe-O Motors Rescue weighs a hefty 3.2 tonnes and can transport up to 11 people without ever getting stuck. The options list for this ‘rescue’ vehicle include water pumps to fend off fire, tank-like caterpillar tracks which can be fitted to the rear wheels, 620-Litre water tank pneumatic pillows on wheels for better floating on water or snow, the must have GPS system, medical stretcher, a snow plow etc etc. You get the gist here. This thing can go over pretty much anything and has all the off-roading gear one would ever need in a vehicle like this. It’s even got optional petrol/diesel engines for the customer to choose from. Power on offer ranges from 218 to 500 horsepower, the latter is a performance-oriented petrol version and that will be our pick for the Rescue, without a shadow of doubt! Oh, military folks can buy this behemoth too and they can equip the Rescue with extra water and electromagnetic protection.


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