Bizarre Video featuring Hyundai i10 Spoofs 70 Films in 10 Minutes

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Hyundai 10 minute movie spoof

This one’s for all the movie buffs amongst you. Some fans running a Youtube channel with the name Shortcuts have created a video featuring the new Hyundai i10, or the Grand i10. The German video packs in shades of as many as 70 Hollywood movies in a short duration of 10 minutes. While there is no storyline (at least we couldn’t find one) or proper script,the whole exercise of trying to figure out which specific movie has been spoofed for every individual scene makes the whole clip damn interesting to watch. The video is promoted by Hyundai.

Some of the movies that we spotted in a single run of the clip include Black Swan, Matrix, Forrest Gump, Terminator – Judgment Day, Scream, Watchmen, 300, Pulp Fiction, The Good the Bad and the Ugly, Gandhi, Inception, Dallas Buyers’ Club, Sixth Sense, RoboCop, The Dark Knight, Gravity and ET

We would invite you to have your own shot at guessing all the 70 movies. Let’s see who does it first! here’s the video

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