Bangalore: Man denied verification of documents for driving license for wearing shorts to RTO


Sai SrinivasThe victim – Sai Srinivas

Getting a driver’s license in India isn’t really tough if you’ve learnt to drive well or sometimes otherwise. Having your application rejected is one of those times which, for a petrolhead like us, would be the worst nightmare. But the following, one of a kind incident turned out to be worst than a nightmare for Bangalore resident Sai Srinivas.

Srinivas was denied verification of his documents required for his driving license only because he was wearing shorts while visiting the Koramanagala RTO. Dressed in a T-shirt and shorts, this 28 year old entrepreneur also had to face humiliation from the officials present at the RTO. One officer, as reports suggest, even had the audacity to ask Srinivas how he walked into the premises in such attire.


Srinivas was informed by the officer that wearing pants was a rule of the Central government. When the former demanded a written proof of the rule, the official went on to repeat that it was a rule. Srinivas was of the opinion that had he known earlier, he would have even changed his clothes in the one hour that he was made to wait before the untoward incident.

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The victim did not wish to pursue the matter ahead although he expressed his displeasure through a few social networking sites where he is said to have received support. Meanwhile, Transport Commissioner Rame Gowda said he didn’t believe that any such incident had taken place and would look further into the matter. He added that even though decency in appropriate dressing is expected, no one can deny an application on such a basis. If the incident turns out to be true, strict action would be taken against the concerned officials.

What are your views on the incident? Do you feel the action taken by such officials is justified? Tell us your opinions through the comments section below.

Source: Bangalore Mirror

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  • Shashank says:

    I wouldn’t call wearing shorts as indecency. The issue here is with moral policing, we come up with our own rules an imply on civilians. There is always a inherent threat that his driving licence may be rejected in future, just because he brought this issue up in the media.
    What’s wrong in shorts ? If people can come in dhoti/lungi folded up.. No big deal. I think people with these thoughts need to change the way they think.

  • nikhil dev says:

    he got what he deserved, he’s dressed like a tramp.