Bajaj registers best ever results in FY14

Bajaj has registered its best ever results in financial year 2014 All the details are available in this report here

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A meeting of the Board of Directors of Bajaj Auto Limited was held today to consider and approve the results for FY14. The Board of Directors recommended a dividend of INR 50 per share – 500% (previous year – 450%). The total amount of dividend and tax thereon amounts to ` 1,693 crore ( previous year –  1,523 crore ).

FY14 has been a difficult year for the automobile industry. In an environment of overall high inflation and slow economic growth, Bajaj Auto recorded its –

  • Highest ever Turnover –  INR 20,856 crore
  • Highest ever Exports –  INR 8,199 crore
  • Highest ever Profit before tax –  INR 4,632 crore
  • Highest ever Profit after tax –  INR 3,243 crore
  • EBITDA margin* – 21.5%; best in the industry !

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