Bajaj Pulsar SS400 Launch in 2015; CS400 in 2016

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The new Bajaj Pulsar SS400 and the CS400 were the show stoppers at the BAL’s stall at this year’s Expo. Not only the new Pulsars, still far from their production stage, will be the most powerful Bajaj bikes ever, they also show the way forward to Indian biking industry, which while growing at a phenomenal rate, is yet to have a home-grown middle weight sportsbike to speak of. The new Bajaj Pulsar SS400 and the CS400 would borrow a fair bit from the KTM 390 Duke, which means that powering the upcoming Pulsar models would be a 375cc, single cylinder, liquid cooled, fuel injected engine that is sure to have a max power of more than 40 bhp for this Pulsar duo. There are good chances that much like the Bajaj Pulsar 200NS and the KTM Duke 200, the Pulsar CS400 and the Pulsar SS400 would be positioned slightly below the Duke 390 and the highly anticipated RC390 respectively. However, in no way should it be believed that the SS400 and the CS400 would play second fiddle to the Austrian cousins. On the contrary, there are enough chances that both the upcoming Pulsar bikes in India would become fairly more popular than the upcoming KTMs. Recently, at the Bajaj Discover 125M media ride event (CLICK HERE for Bajaj Discover 125M review), on talking to some senior Bajaj officials, we got a hint of the upcoming Bajaj Pulsar SS400 launch date and the Bajaj CS400 launch date. Most importantly, it has come out that the SS400 launch would happen many months before the launch of CS400. Here are some details on the upcoming models-

Bajaj Pulsar SS400

bajaj-pulsar-ss400-cs400-launch- (3)

  •      Expected Bajaj Pulsar SS400 Launch Date- Around October 2015
  •      Expected Bajaj Pulsar SS400 Price- INR 2.1 lakhs
  •      Bajaj Pulsar SS400 Engine- 375 cc
  •      Expected Bajaj Pulsar SS400 Power- 41 bhp

While the not-so-good-news is that Bajaj fanatics will have to wait till second half of 2015 for an all-out sports bike model of the Pulsar, the news that pleases us to no end is that the Pulsar SS 400 will borrow in plenty from the KTM 390 Duke/RC390, whose 375 cc motor will make sure that the SS400 justifies its name, i.e., ‘Super Sport’ 400.  Thanks to the concept model we saw at the Expo, it is almost for sure that the bike would not only have a sporty performance but would also look sporty and sassy and what’s better than the fact that it won’t cost much more than INR 2 lakhs?  Our biker friends already seem to be having a tough time waiting for the ‘Bumblebee of Indian bikes’!

Bajaj Pulsar CS400

bajaj-pulsar-ss400-cs400-launch- (2)

  •     Expected Bajaj Pulsar CS400 Launch Date- Around April 2016
  •     Expected Bajaj Pulsar CS400 Price- INR 1.9 lakhs
  •     Bajaj Pulsar CS400 Engine- 375 cc
  •     Expected Bajaj Pulsar CS400 Power- 40 bhp

While the Pulsar SS400 would be more of a RC390 derivative, the Bajaj Pulsar CS400 will be more of a distant cousin of the KTM Duke 390. The upcoming  naked street sibling of the SS400 could hit Indian streets around the second quarter of 2016 and akin to the SS400, will be powered by a 375cc single cylinder KTM sourced engine. Pulsar CS400 could have a max power of around 40 bhp and this bike is expected to have a price tag of a little less than INR 2 lakhs. The next ‘Lord of the streets’ coming our way? Definitely! Oh and by the way, the CS here stands for ‘Cruiser Sports’.

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