Upcoming Bajaj Bikes in India 2014-2015 [Pulsar 180NS, SS200, SS400, CS400, Discover F150]

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Words: Nitika Gulati

Like we’ve been saying, Bajaj Auto Ltd has been working to ensure that the bike lovers of our country have a reason to stay excited. Not just has it been busy with bringing the really delicious KTMs to us, it is also readying its own homegrown bikes that will soon take on the likes of Hondas and Yamahas of this world. Here is a list of five really promising Upcoming Bajaj Bikes in India 2014-2015.

Bajaj Discover F150

upcoming bajaj bikes discover f150

  • Expected Launch Date- Around November 2014
  • Expected Price-INR 60,000
  • Engine- 150 cc
  • Power- 14PS

After the success of a slew of Discover models, Bajaj will be soon coming with a bang with yet another Discover that might redefine the rules of executive commuter segment.  This Discover flagship is expected to be priced around INR 60,000. As the name suggests, Bajaj Discover F150 has a 150 cc engine and a front half fairing. It is expected to have a power of 14PS and the next Disco would find itself slotted between the Pulsar 150 and the Discover 125 ST. Honda Stunner and Hero Ignitor, better watch out!

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Bajaj Pulsar 180NS

upcoming bajaj bikes pulsar 180ns

  • Expected Launch Date- Around June 2015
  • Expected Price-  INR 85,000
  • Engine- 180 cc
  • Power- 21PS

Bajaj is gearing up to launch its new Pulsar variant around mid 2015. Priced decently at 85,000 Pulsar 180NS is yet another Pulsar model to be watched out for. With a 180 cc engine and a power of 21PS this bike promises to stand up to its expectations of decent performance and looks.

Bajaj Pulsar SS200

upcoming bajaj bikes pulsar ss200

  • Expected Launch Date- April 2014
  • Expected Price- INR 1.20 lakhs
  • Engine- 200 cc
  • Power- 25PS

While the SS200 would be much more than a ‘yet another Pulsar model’. With the launch of the Bajaj Pulsar SS200, Bajaj will give the Pulsar-lovers a treat like none other. The new Bajaj Pulsar SS200, whose launch date is suspected to be just a month from now, has already created enough buzz in the market. Expected to be priced at INR 1.20 lakhs, Pulsar SS200 will run on a 200 cc engine that gushes out a power of 25PS (approx). With a performance higher than that of the 200NS and looks akin to SS400, this bike has surely got what it takes to be the next big thing in BAL’s arsenal.

Bajaj Pulsar SS400

upcoming bajaj bikes pulsar ss400

  •  Expected Launch Date- Around October 2015
  •  Expected Price- INR 2lakhs
  •  Engine- 375 cc
  • Power- 41 bhp

The not-so-good-news is that Bajaj fans will have to wait till at least late next year for an all-out sports bike model of the Pulsar. The good news, however, is that this model, dubbed as the Pulsar SS 400, will be powered by a highly potent 375 cc engine that will make sure that the SS400 stands true to its name, i.e., Super Sport. Sporty and sassy looks and a price of INR 2 lakhs should make this Pulsar model really desirable. The bikers already are having a tough time waiting for this sexy thing!

Bajaj Pulsar CS400

upcoming bajaj bikes pulsar cs400

  • Expected Launch Date- Around October 2015
  • Expected Price- INR 1.9 lakhs
  • Engine- 375 cc
  • Power- 40 bhp

Bajaj Pulsar CS400, while a distant cousin of the KTM Duke 390, is a close relative of the SS400. This naked street sibling is supposed to hit the Indian roads late in 2015 and akin to the SS400, is powered by a 375 cc engine. Pulsar CS400 is expected to churn out a power of 40 bhp. This cruiser sports bike comes with muscular looks and should come with a price tag of 2 lakhs. ‘Lord of the streets’ coming our way? Definitely!


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