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We recently spent a good part of our day with the new Bajaj Discover 125M, the latest Disco to go on sale under the M (Mileage) moniker. With the advent of the new Bajaj Discover 125M, the 125cc engine variant of the new gen Disco is now available in three trim levels- ST (flagship), T (mid), M (base). Introduced with an interesting tag line that reads- ‘Jiyo Dana Dan’, the latest Disco variant could very well mimic the sales success of the 100M.

Launched at a base price of INR 50, 499, the new Bajaj Discover 100M is a full INR 4500 cheaper than the fully loaded 125ST and is just INR 1000 pricier than the 100T. While the 125M does miss out on some of the features that are found on the ST, it gets the same 124.7 cc, four valve DTSI engine that is found on the top end model. Also, the new bike, in spite of being an entry level model, comes with enough features to set the competition really worried!

So is the 125M really as promising a performer as it looks on the paper? Does it have what it would take to become the next big thing in the entry level 125cc segment? With so many of such doubts bothering us, we decided to take the new Disco out for a good spin and find answers to all our questions (and to yours too)! Check out our Bajaj Discover 125M Review below for the details. Also, stay tuned for a comprehensive Bajaj Discover 125M review that will boast of an in-depth analysis of the new bike.

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So Bajaj comes up with yet another Discover variant. . . What are they exactly aiming at with the new 100M?  

Bajaj Auto Ltd sure has quite some Discover variants on sale today but we need to give it to the bike maker for positioning all these models in such a way that they cater to a different sub-section of the commuter segment! For instance, while the Disco 125ST is aimed at those who want a reasonably fuel efficient 125cc bike that has a performance advantage over all its rivals, the 125M targets the very low end spectrum of the 125cc motorcycle market. What’s even better is the fact that it is as torque-y as the pricier model, and has only a slightly lower max power output. As a part of the manufacturer’s multi-pronged attack on the 125cc executive commuter segment, the new Discover 125M has been pitted directly against the Hero Glamour and Honda CB Shine, especially their entry level models.

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But does it not look exactly like a 125ST?

No it doesn’t. In terms of styling, there is fairly enough to tell apart a 125M from its pricier sibling. However, there is no denying that the bike shares majority of its body panels with the ST, which is rather a good thing for the buyers of the 125M. The new bike also gets two new paint schemes, both of which are based on silver base color.

Akin to all the new gen Disco models, the bike benefits from a well chiseled fuel tank, lovely spider alloy wheels, some snazzy body decals and a bikini fairing that reminds us of the one on the Pulsar 150/180.

Talking about the differences, the 125M doesn’t have a monoshock, a tyre hugger at the rear , and the upmarket plastic fuel switch. Also, while the ST sports an exposed chain, the 125M comes with a full chain cover and a slightly different looking end can.

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  1. New generation Discovers are Sh**
    The earlier versions of Discover were symphony notes. The grunt was masculine, the reliability was unquestionable. The new generation has none of the vital characteristics. Early rusting and reliability issues crop up after like 6 months. Please BAJAJ, bring back the old warhorse.

  2. I hate Bajaj Discover 125 ST. I would compare it to a vibrator. Just a vibrating bike that you would scare to drive above 45 KM/hr. Such a waste of money.

    Mr. Bajaj, Rather than launching so many variants bikes, Please launch a quality bike. Your sick customer (Have told many people not to buy Discover)


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