Made in India Ford EcoSport tweaked for Europe; gets 300 changes!

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Come June and the deliveries of made in India Ford EcoSport will commence in Europe. Quite obviously, we always expected that the Europe bound EcoSport will be a tad different to the car we get here in India, with the most possible changes including a left hand drive layout, standard ABS and a full quota of airbags.

However, we were in for quite a surprise when it emerged that Ford India have made as many as 300 changes to the EcoSport that will be exported to Europe. Nick Fitzgerald, Ford EcoSport’s chief program engineer, recently told a media group that the Europe bound EcoSport is different to the one sold in India in more than 300 parts! These 300 parts comprise of not just an upgraded trim and plastic panels, but also several changes made to the body in white (which is a term used by the production guys for a car just after key components have been welded together). All this means that the European EcoSport has a stronger structure than the India spec model, which is quite interesting, especially if you consider that both the models will be manufactured at the same plant.

There are good chances that the stronger body structure will help the EcoSport score a full rating of five star in the Euro-NCAP crash safety test. It may be noted that back when the car was crash tested by Euro NCAP in November last year, it scored 4 stars.

Also, akin to the EcoSport that is on sale in India, the Europe spec model won’t benefit from a four wheel drive system.

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News Source – AutoNews

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