Bajaj Discover 125ST Taken off the Shelf After the advent of 125M?

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Only recently, Bajaj launched the new Discover 125M, which becomes the third new gen Discover 125 variant to have gone on sale. CLICK HERE for our Bajaj Discover 125M Review. The new Bajaj Discover 125M, much like the Discover 100M, becomes the entry level variant in the Discover family and while it misses out on some of the premium features available on the higher (read- T and ST) variants, it comes at a really attractive price point, which is just INR 1000 higher than the 100T!

During the media briefing at the recently concluded Discover 125M ride event, we were informed that the 100M sales are as much as four-five times higher than that of the 100T and hence, it is all the more important for the manufacturer to have a bargain-basement variant for the 125cc model too. While BAL officials were quick to add that the M variants have always been a part of the plan and are in no way an after-thought to aid the sales of the new gen Discover, a recent visit to BAL official website shows that the manufacturer has taken the details of the 125ST off its model-display. This modification to the website has happened soon after the advent of the 125M and it makes us wonder if the manufacturer has taken the Bajaj Discover 125ST off the shelves.

CLICK HERE for our Bajaj Discover 125ST Review

It may be noted that so far, there’s no official word on the discontinuation of the Disco 125ST but we feel that now that the details of this model have been taken off the website, it is only a matter of time before sales of this bike are officially discontinued. Stay tuned for more updates.

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— The new Bajaj Discover 125M

— Thanks to Motoroid ‘KP’ for the tip off

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