AutoMate Allows Any Gearbox To Switch Between Auto And Manual With The Clutch Intact

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Driving for many is not just a means to travel from A to B, but also an escape to a world of happiness. Petrolheads love being involved and being a part of the machine, where it’s them, the car, the wheel and three pedals. Quite arguably, three pedals are the way to go when it comes to an immersive driving experience, but it doesn’t spell convenience on our traffic-filled streets. The convenience of an automatic gearbox is undoubtedly irreplaceable and all of us would agree that it is the best equipment to have when stuck in traffic. Unfortunately, we always have had to choose between these two gearboxes. However, a company called AutoMate can offer you the best of both worlds, equipping your car with an automatic transmission while giving you the ability to switch back to manual.

AutoMate AutoClutch components

Agreed, most automatic gearboxes today offer you the ability to shift manually and select a gear you want to be in. However, the experience is left incomplete without having to press the clutch pedal, balancing it carefully at the bite point and pull it away as you start moving. This is where the major differentiating point lies between your regular automatic gearboxes and Auto-mate’s Auto-Clutch. Moreover, you need not have to shell out more money for the top of the line automatic variant of the car you want, as this system can be installed in any make and model car. This system can also be removed and used on another car, if the owner wishes to do so.

AutoMate clutchless car

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The Auto-Clutch works very similarly to a regular AMT gearbox. Fitted as an accessory, the installation process requires no major modification. The user merely needs to use the gear knob to change gear normally, without having to press the clutch pedal. A computer takes care of all clutch pedal releasing and engaging it as and when required according to the cars speed and driving conditions. Being computer operated, this system ensures the clutch is operated in a safe manner and wear & tear are kept to a minimum. Moreover, this system can be switched off for times when you are in the mood of a spirited drive and you can use all three pedals to make the car dance the way you like. To know more about this system, do visit their website

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