Auto Expo 2016: Hero Karizma R, ZMR get dual tone paint job, no mechanical updates


2016 Hero Karizma ZMR - Auto Expo 2016 (2)

The Hero Karizma ZMR and R would now come wrapped in new colour options and graphics but does a change in packaging makes the product more desirable? The new generation Hero Karizma ZMR and R faced some serious criticism from the audience as the sales of the Karizma brand dipped rapidly. The leading Indian two-wheeler maker now hopes to revive the sales with cosmetic upgrades on the 2016 models.

For 2016, the Karizma R gets a white and black paint scheme with orange highlights while the ZMR gets a dual tone red and white colour option. Is it more appealing? Some of us at Motoroids’ office were slightly impressed, most of us weren’t. We aren’t saying that it’s not a beautiful looking motorcycle but we really liked the previous versions more over the current models.

2016 Hero Karizma R - Auto Expo 2016 (1)

Mechanical specifications aren’t any different than the previous models. So the ZMR continues to use the 223cc air cooled, 4- stroke single cylinder OHC, fuel injection, oil cooled engine, while the R yet again draws power from 223 air cooled, 4-stroke single cylinder OHC carb motor. The Karizma ZMR and R continue to deliver 20 BHP @ 8000 rpm/19.7 N m @ 6500 rpm and 19.2 BHP @ 7500 rpm/9.35 N-m @ 6000 rpm respectively.

The new colour options are yet to be available in the market as Hero MotoCorp stayed tight lipped about any details.

We believe that Hero MotoCorp should work on an all new Karizma that would be visually and mechanically appealing to the performance enthusiasts. But we may have to wait slightly longer for that as the two-wheeler maker is currently busy developing its new products, namely HX250, Xtreme 200 S and XF3R Concept.

Here are some more images of the new 2016 Hero Karizma R and ZMR.

2016 Hero Karizma ZMR – Auto Expo 2016 (3)
2016 Hero Karizma ZMR – Auto Expo 2016 (1)
2016 Hero Karizma R – Auto Expo 2016 (1)

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  • aryayuvaraj says:

    HERO have make changes in the front side of the bike design vizer doom etc

  • aryayuvaraj says:

    Designing a bike is very easy. i dont know why the HERO team still sleeping even they can copy some international brands and make some changes in that to reach market easily

  • Sunny says:

    OMG ZMR has to face the world with this funny Joker Costume… One side of the Tail Red other white… Cherry is missing..:D

  • Sankalp says:

    Its still hideous and this design will always be no matter what dress Hero wears it. I Sometimes wonder if Hero’s design team was sleeping so tightly under EBR’s arms that they didn’t realize they got killed. Well the sales figures of this latest hideous Karizma says it all.

  • Jayanand says:

    R is absolutely ugly looking bike. And here they are trying to solve the issue by trying to give some fancy color scheme. Thats like trying to put Make Up on Rakhi Sawant to make her look pretty. We all know how that would end up. Anyways, hope the further decline in the sales figure of both models will tell them that it was a bad idea. Till then they can take things for granted as much as possible.