Auto Expo 2016 : Eicher Trucks and Buses Unveils New Products


At the ongoing Auto Expo 2016, Eicher Trucks and Buses unveiled 7 products . Here are the details and a few images :

  • Eicher Pro 6037, a 37T haulage truck which comes features like dual torque, fuel coaching, cruise control, electronic air processing unit, advanced telematics and driver information system.

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  • Eicher Skyline Pro School Bus- a hybrid school Bus developed and manufactured at the VECV Pithampur plant in Indore. The Skyline Pro School Bus is fitted with a hybrid system that combines a conventional internal combustion engine with an electric propulsion system.
  • Eicher Skyline AC sleeper coach with 28 passenger berth all fitted with individual 11” foldable LED screens, smoke detector, rear view camera, laptop & mobile chargers, a WC (water closet) and significant luggage space.
  • In addition, other vehicles being displayed in the Eicher Pro Series are: Pro 8049 HD haulage truck, Pro 6025T HD tipper and Pro 3016 and Pro 1049 in the LMD segment.

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Speaking at the occasion, Vinod, Aggarwal, CEO, VE Commercial Vehicles said, “Hybrid school bus and public transportation system could be the possible solution to reduce pollution levels and a key transportation mode in the proposed smart cities of the future. The hybrid Skyline Pro School Bus  comes with a host of safety features such as vehicle tracking, geo-fencing, camera with recording, student ridership status available to the parents and fire detection/suppression system which will add to the legacy of Eicher’s School Bus as the Safest School Bus”.

Further commenting on the Eicher Live he said, “At Eicher Trucks and Buses, we have always been very progressive in our approach towards introducing new products and technologies to the market. In last couple of years we ushered in the Future of Indian trucking with the launch of Eicher Pro Series. With Eicher Live technology we have taken one more step towards the modernization of the transportation industry. Eicher Live offers Uptime Management- a service that is offered first time in the industry. It helps detect, schedule and plan for vehicle repairs pro-actively enabling more on-road time hence higher productivity”.

Eicher live includes features like Advance Breakdown Assistance, Dynamic Service Reminders and Pro-active Service. Eicher Live also offers great fuel management with advanced analytics that includes fuel consumption analysis and measures to improve fuel efficiency and profitability. The major components of the telematics system are a hardware unit (Telematics Gateway), intelligent vehicle electronic module and a mobile sim card that connects to Eicher Live hub.

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