Auto Expo 2016: Honda Neowing concept trike visits India


Honda Neowing Concept (1)

After its debut at the Tokyo Motor Show, the Honda Neowing concept trike now visits India at the ongoing Auto Expo 2016. Honda claims the Neowing will offer the “cornering feel and sporty ride equivalent to a large-sized motorcycle”, while also having “excellent stability in low-speed ranges.”

Similar to the likes of Can-Am Spyder, Piaggio MP3 or Polaris Slingshot, the Honda Neowing also features a two wheels up front and one in back setup. The concept is powered by a hybrid combination of a 4-cylinder petrol engine and a second electric motor. Honda is yet to reveal any performance figures for this concept hybrid. Neowing is aimed to explore whether the company can combine higher-speed engagement with low-speed stability. The leaning ability is provided by a proprietary linkage. However, Honda has remained quite on the mechanical specs.

The trike is currently a part of Honda’s 14 product portfolio at the Auto Expo 2016. You can check out the hybrid concept at Honda’s stand along with the likes of Project 2&4 Concept, Africa Twin and Navi. Do share your views about the Honda Neowing through the comments section below.

Honda Neowing Concept (6)
Honda Neowing Concept (3)
Honda Neowing Concept (2)
Honda Neowing Concept (1)

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