Audi Q7 Stolen by a Con man at Ahmedabad Dealership

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This one is quite very similar to incident that took place on MTV Bakra years back when Abhishek Bachchan fooled a Skoda salesman going on a test drive with him, later asking him to get down to get some water for him. As soon as the sales person gets down Abhishek speeds away. Finally they make him a Bakra and its end of the nice gag.

But here in Ahmedabad one con man who dressed like a tycoon, sporting a Rado watch, convincing the dealership that he was ready to buy the 80lakh SUV and wanted a test drive. The dealership agreed and sent a salesperson along with the con man. The con man drove it on the highway and later stopped at the SG highway in Ahmedabad, this was the time when they had to exchange seats. The Salesperson moved out of his seat to come in front. This was time when the con man stepped on the gas and fled away. Generally before you test drive the dealership takes a photocopy of the license but when we have high end dealerships the customers feel offended.

Well we have no clue if the Audi dealership in Ahmedabad has the copy of the con man’s license & even if they do have it is more likely a job of a professional con man. So less chances of getting him caught. Well the question of what happens of the Q7, the car will be dismantled and the spare parts will be sold. We think that the dealerships all over should keep two salespersons so that such incidents are not repeated.

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