Ather S340 Electric Scooter Bookings To Begin In June 2018


Ather Energy, the company behind the upcoming S340 Electric scooter, has announced that it will begin accepting bookings for its very first product in June 2018. Known as the Ather S340, the electric scooter is currently in its pre-production stage at their assembly line located in Whitefield, Bengaluru.

Ather S340 electric scooter trial production begins

According to the details shared on the company’s blog, the S340 electric scooter has gone through rigorous testing while covering 50,000 kms of on-road testing and working with 55 prototypes over the last four years. Bookings, when they open in June this year, will be initially limited to the region of Bengaluru. The launch details of the model, which is scheduled to take place later, will be announced by the end of the year.

Ather S340 (1)

Unveiled back in early 216, the Ather S340 was supposed to run into production by 2017. The company though, as it claims in its blog, underestimated the challenges of validation and getting from a prototype to a production-worthy piece. they further added that 2017 has been about fixing those pieces for the product; be it from working with their supplier partners and getting the process quality right to stabilizing their internal systems.

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In the said period of one year, Ather Energy has come up with a long list of features for their first ever electric scooter and product, the S340. These features include a charging port, on-board charger, storage space, better UI, waterproof dashboard, waterproof battery, waterproof charger, tooled up components, under seat light, regenerative braking, service scheduling, EMI protection, charging pod, motor cooling, CBS, Over-the-Air Updates, diagnostic alerts, parking assist, push navigation and charging locations tracking.

Ather S340 (3)

The company has also revealed a few timelines that are spread across the coming months. As you read this, they are currently undertaking vehicle trial production at the moment. In May, Ather Energy will bring alive their charging infrastructure, which is claimed to have fast charging from day 1. In June, the company will begin accepting pre-bookings for the S340 while in July, production of the model will begin at the company’s assembly line in Bengaluru.

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