Aston Martin Could Be Red Bull’s Title Sponsor In 2018

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Aston Martin has associated with Red Bull to develop their Hyper-car, the Valkyrie. These two companies, however, are in no mood to end their agreement with just one car. Reports suggest that Aston Martin might venture into Formula1 and it might be the title sponsor for Red Bull. Engine development will be the sole motive for Aston Martin helping their compatriot in these endeavors.

Red Bull came to this conclusion, after their current engine supplier Renault couldn’t keep up with the likes of Mercedes and Ferrari, which is costing Red Bull their precious championship. FIA has made a decision to upgrade the engines as the current ones are far too complex and are very costly to run. New twin-turbo V6 engines might replace the current ones. These engines will be efficient and will have a lower development cost which might lure Aston Martin into Formula1.

“We are studying 2021 engine regulation changes and that might provoke us to supply an independent F1 engine if the conditions are appropriate,” said Andy Palmer, Aston Martin’s CEO, in an interview given to Autoexpress.

Aston Martin is going to collaborate with the UK based firm called Llmor, run by Mario Illien. Llmor is a racing engine guru and now it will help Aston Martin-Red Bull team during the next season. Formula1 is going through a lot of changes from the time it has been under new-owners, Liberty Media. The US-based company wants to bring back the lost glory of F1. They recently announced that the calendar year from the next season will have more races than before, giving every manufacturer a time to fight.

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