Assam Government To Induct 200 Electric Buses In Its Fleet

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The authorities have a key role to play in the raging electric revolution. From rolling out subsidies to adopting electric vehicles in their own fleet, they are trying their best to let the common junta know that electric is indeed the future. We recently reported that Brihan Mumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST) inducted 24 new e-buses to its fleet on its 74th foundation day celebrations on Aug 7.  And now, Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said the Assam government has decided to replace diesel-run city buses in Guwahati with electric and CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) buses. This move is basically a step towards making Guwahati a carbon-neutral city by introducing electric and CNG buses in place of diesel-run ones.

Assam electric bus (1)

Official statement

Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said. “We have decided to switch Guwahati city transport buses to electric buses within the span of a year. Our cabinet has decided to purchase a total of 200 electric buses and 100 CNG buses. The Assam State Transport Corporation (ASTC) will not run diesel and petrol-run buses in Guwahati city. Guwahati will travel on electric buses and become emission-free. We have started with ASTC because ASTC has the biggest chunk of vehicles. There will soon be a policy for private buses also. We have taken this decision to contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions. This initiative is a step in the direction of making Assam carbon-emission free. Our cabinet has decided to give Rs 10,000 each to bus drivers and conductors as a financial relief package. Apart from that, our government will also give Rs 15,000 each to priests of temples of Namghars in the state. All students, irrespective of their streams, will study Assam’s history and geography along with Indian history and geography up to Class 10 as compulsory subjects”

Assam electric bus

These steps are very crucial in our nation’s transition towards electric mobility. It will also encourage people to dump their ICE-powered vehicles for their regular commute and opt for public transportation that is being electrified slowly but steadily.

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