Are Group Rides Essential Travel? Bangalore Super Bikers Find Out The Hard Way


The Government recently announced relaxations in certain aspects related to the lockdown and that included relaxation in the movement of people around the country. Motorcyclists around the country have been confined in their homes for more than two months now and we will admit, it hasn’t been easy. When you are accustomed to riding your motorcycle almost every day and take her out on occasional highway rides, it becomes a bit difficult to part with that adrenaline surge for so long.

What exactly happened?

After being confined indoors for more than two months, a group of more than 50 Superbikers went out for a short highway burst on Saturday but were soon stopped by the Police authorities who later confronted them regarding the same. They were spotted near Solur on the Bengaluru-Hassan highway. The cops later booked them for travelling for non-essential services during the lockdown. They were then taken to the respective police station and made to wait for hours before the officials issued a fine of INR 3000 on every biker.

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The police officials later claimed that they were keeping a check on speeding violations and they found the bikers allegedly guilty of crossing the speed limit. Another reason why they were booked by the cops apart from riding for non-essential reasons.

Benaluru Superbikers Fined

State Governments have begun easing the restrictions. However, sudden and improper communication has been leading to chaos, as the general public, eager to get on with life, steps out, only to confront law-enforcing authorities who are mostly not in sync with what’s allowed and what’s not. However, logic must prevail and we believe leisure travel can take a pause for a little while.


  1. I was returning on the route with a friend of mine, just the two of us when we were stopped as part of this incident. Over a span of 2-3 hrs some 50-60 bikers were stopped and a band of 50 odd bikes was formed. We are sensible enough to travel in small pax, untill we were stopped and stuffed in a small police station

    The claims of overspending, rash driving, dangerous driving were all put in place without any proof just out of assumption cause we were wearing proper riding gear and driving superbikes (not all of us). No interceptor was in the whole vicinity to check speed (human eyes have evolved so much that they can measure speed I didn’t knew).
    Overall there was no sense in this whole incident, the reasons presented to us on being asked were hilarious and absurd (too much noise, people cant sleep, people r concerned accident might happen while Jay walking themselves etc etc) and technically our health was put at risk.

    Yes it was a leisure ride but planned in accordance with rules of lockdown and with safety aspect taken into consideration, by logic we should have been given benefit of doubt if officials are not in sync instead of fining us 3k (no clue how they deduced that amount).


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