Arch KRGT-1 to be priced at $78,000, actor Keanu Reeves is a co-founder of the company


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Many amongst us might think that Keanu Reeves is the best man on earth to decode messages in binary and the man probably spends his free time smoking all the cigarettes in the world in a Constantine manner. Few are aware about his love for motorcycles and the fact that he is a co-founder of a motorcycle company called Arch Motorcycles, which has started taking pre-orders for its first motorcycle, the KRGT-1.

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The engine is a 2032 cc V-twin and unlike traditional V-twins with side-mounted intakes lay in the way of the rider’s leg, disrupting ergonomics and balance, working in conjunction with S&S Cycle, the company has developed an Arch Down Draft Induction System, positioning it between the billet aluminum fuel cells, which makes the Arch KRGT-1 sleek, comfortable and agile. The intake dams collect and deliver air to the torquey 124” S&S V-twin keeping it fully aspirated, while their Multi-function design allows the dams to support and frame the KRGT-1’s billet aluminum headlight housing.

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Each KRGT-1 gas tank is machined from 534 pounds of billet aluminum. This 66 hour process yields two 9 pound fuel cells which are then custom finished and joined. The right cell interior is designed and reinforced to act as a structural chassis member while the entire Arch Down Draft system is contained between the two fuel cell chambers and frame. Similarly, the ARCH billet aluminum swingarm requires over 17 hours of machining and Titanium adjusters and a hollow chromoly axle complete the assembly.

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Like what you see? You can order yours for a $12,000 USD, reservation Deposit and an introductory price of $78,000 USD.

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Arch Proprietary S&S Cycle T124 Twin Cam; 124 Cubic Inches (2,032 cc); 45° Downdraft Fuel Injected V-Twin

Max HP @ Rear Wheel: 121.53 Max Torque @ Rear Wheel: 121.77

Arch Proprietary 6-Speed Baker Drivetrain w/ Custom Compact High Torque Mainshaft

Primary: Arch Proprietary Bandit Dry Belt w/ Compact Clutch Basket

Final: Right Side, 530 O-ring Chain

Frame: Arch Tube & Billet Steel w/ Billet Aluminum Structural Members

Swingarm: Modular Billet Aluminum with Titanium Axle Adjusters

Front: Ohlins Inverted 43mm; Fully Adjustable

Rear: Race Tech Single Shock w/ Reservoir and Hydraulic Preload Adjustment; Fully Adjustable

BST Ultralight Carbon Fiber; Front: 3”x 19”; Rear: 8”x 18”

Front: 120/70ZR19

Rear: 240/40R18

Front: Dual ISR 6 Piston Monoblock Radial Mount Calipers; Dual ISR Floating Dampened Discs

Rear: Single ISR 4 Piston Monoblock Radial Mount Caliper; ISR Semi-Floating Disc

High-output LED Headlamp w/ Integrated High Beam, Low Beam

MotoGadget Bar End LED Front Turn Signals

Arch Cove-Reflective LED Tail Light w/ Unitized Brake and Turn Signals

Ultra lightweight, compact Lithium Ion power cell w/ Up to 700 CCA in a sub 4 lb package

MotoGadget Motoscope Pro Digital Instrumentation w/ Programmable at Your Fingertip Function

Wheelbase: 68” Rake: 30° Trail: 5.0” Seat Height: 27.8”

Weights & Measures
Dry Weight: 538lbs

Fuel Capacity: 5 US Gallons Range: 185-210 Miles

Each Arch can be custom tailored to enhance ride comfort and performance. Ergonomic options include Forward or Mid Controls, Narrow or Wide Mounted Foot Pegs and 2” or 3” Handlebar Pull-Back Risers

Source: Arch Motorcycles

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