Video: Lamborghini Aventador sets itself on fire at an Indian Wedding


First things first, whenever you capture a video on your cell phone and intend to share it with the world, always hold the cell phone horizontally. Now, this is a video which itself starts off on the wrong note, it is shot vertically. Captured during an Asian wedding, amidst the sounds of Punjabi instruments, it captures a Lamborghini Aventador reversing into a parking space, when the driver suddenly decides to become a DJ and starts revving the 6.5 litre V12. He also missed flame throwers at the wedding and assigned that job to the Lambo. So while everybody was having fun watching the Aventador entertain everyone, its Italian head started to boil and some unburnt fuel suddenly caught fire.

What follows is a loud ‘Hawwwww’ sound, which perhaps comes from a well dressed middle-aged woman at the wedding. As a man in red pants tries to douse the fire, we are sure his innovative tricks would’ve resulted in a few broken panels. Watch the video, there’s a lot to learn.

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