InvisibleVin: Anti-theft technology that hides the VIN number under layers of paint

Invisiblevin imprints and hides the car VIN number behind layers of the clear coat, the paint and the primer, making it visible only under UV light.

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Those who remember the movie Gone in 60 seconds would know how UV light can be used to reveal a plan that involves boosting cars. Now, someone on the right side of law wants to play and has devised a way to hide the car’s Da Vinci code, which is the VIN number. The technology inks an alpha numeric code by passing through the clear coat, paint, and primer to permanently embed the information onto the frame or body part of choice. Invisible under normal light, the phosphorescent mark is clearly seen when exposed to UV light.

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Most stolen vehicles are broken down or the VIN number is tampered with to match the new credentials on forged documents. InvisibleVin’s patented method utilizes a computer generated stencil that allows it’s proprietary chemical to migrate through the clear coat, layers of paint and primer leaving the complete vehicle identification number(VIN) embedded into the finish. Although the marking is invisible in normal light, the VIN shines like a beacon when placed under an ultraviolet flashlight. InvisibleVin can be used to mark painted plastic, fiberglass, and metal surfaces on automobiles, motorcycles, motor boats, snowmobiles, ATVs and personal watercraft and can even be used to mark alloy wheels. More information about InvisibleVin, AKA, Scorpion Mark, is at the product’s website,


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