Angry Italian destroys his Fiat 500 after it fails to start

Fiat 500 smashed by owner after it refused to start. read ahead for more details

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You have seen rich Chinese businessmen thrash their million dollar cars in public after being dissatisfied with the after sales-services. A similar incident was reported in Italy where a person smashed his brand new Fiat 500, which was bought hardly a week ago, as it failed to start in the morning. Surprisingly, he bought the car despite Consumer Reports naming the Fiat 500 L as the least reliable car on sale today.


The person has been identified as Spartaco Capon from Lissone, a city in northern Italy. After being warned for reaching late to office using public transport, he went ahead and bought himself a brand new Fiat 500. However, after the car failed to start in the morning, the 35-year-old driver then smashed his Fiat 500 with an axe.

Suspecting a case of vandalism, the neighbours called the police who couldn’t believe at first that he was the owner of the car. “Normally in incidents like this it’s not people smashing up their own car, but he was able to prove it was his,” a spokesman commented. “We think he must have been under a lot of stress at work lately and he was taken to hospital where doctors helped to calm down and are keeping him in for tests.”

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  • Dan says:

    I own two Fiat 500’s in the U.S. and am very happy with both, 2013 models. These are great cars and have nothing in common with the complaints about the 500L. A little research would show the Chevy Cruze with the same complaints about how the transmission on the L and Cruz shift while getting used to your driving habits, in time it smooth out. Rohan, I have driven a Corvette and unless its from the 1950’s the Fiat 500 is more fun and more comfortable. However, the Corvette is something this 500 destroyer should not drive if looking for a trouble free car.