After Nano, it is now Manza’s turn to be recalled. Unsurprisingly, Tata Motors is not calling it a recall

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Our regular readers will remember that Tata had re-called all Tata Nano cars manufactured before 2012 to replace a potentially faulty component but had chosen to not call it a recall. Instead, Tata insisted that it was a move for the benefit of customers. Back then, we had wondered if Tata Motors is stepping into social services and now, it seems like Tata is at it again. Recently, Tata Motors decided to replace the anti-roll bar bush on all Manza sedans. This replacement exercise is free of cost for the car owner and the replacement is being silently done when the cars are at service centres for routine service.

Tata Motors, denying the fact that this is a recall exercise, said, “We are replacing a plastic component called anti-roll bar bush which is connected to the suspension of the car. I am not aware of any complaint from customers and we are replacing it free of cost. We are not recalling the Manzas. We are just changing the part as and when the cars are brought to the service centers by customers.”

We are happy that the popular Indian auto manufacturer is replacing the component in all the Manza sedans sold till date but we do not really appreciate the fact that Tata is not coming out in open to accept that this recall exercise is happening. It seems like Tata Motors feels that it will have to deal with a lot of embarrassment on accepting that this is a recall exercise. However, we wonder that if biggies like Toyota can be open about it, what makes Tata avoid being honest about it?