Action Cameras Mounted On Helmets Deemed Illegal By Kerala RTO

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The trend of moto-vlogging is on the rise, as every biker wants to share his point of view and experiences with the world. Cameras mounted on the helmet are slowly being adopted by most motorcycle riders. Not just moto-vlogging but bikers also tend to mount a camera on their helmet for their own safety. There have been various instances where motorcyclists have been wrongly charged and in order to safeguard themselves, bikers tend to mount cameras on their helmets. But the Kerala RTO has deemed it illegal. Here are more details of the whole fiasco.

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The Transport Commissioner of the Motor Vehicle Department, Kerala has announced that mounting cameras on helmets and taking videos on public roads is illegal. The license of the offenders who break this rule will get cancelled.

Statement of Transport Commissioner

According to the Transport Commissioner, riders with cameras mounted on the helmet cannot concentrate on the road and become conscious about the footage recording in their cameras. That is why such motorists become a danger to fellow motorists and pedestrians as well. While there is no such rule in the MV Act, the police invoke Section 53 to cancel the license of the offenders. Section 53 of MVD deals with the modifications of the vehicles and temporary cancellation of the registration of the modified vehicle until the vehicle is converted back to the stock version.

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Safety of the Cameras

Cameras are extremely important and useful on public roads. While it has become very normal in foreign countries to have a dashboard camera mounted on the car, the trend is slowly catching up in India too. While many riders use the helmet-mounted cameras to record vlogs, many others use them as proof, if an accident happens.

Illegal or Legal

It is not illegal by law to use the camera on the dashboard or your helmet in India. However, using the camera to record around sensitive areas like military installations or cantonments can cause big trouble. The use of cameras on the roads can help you with insurance if anything wrong goes on the road.

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There is no surety that if the cops will also not allow dashboard cameras that are used by four-wheelers. Many such recordings have been helpful in the past to claim insurance and even to show that they are following the laws and rules.

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