Kerala-Based Vloggers Held In Custody For Allegedly Modifying Their Force Traveller Camper Van

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As far as Indian tuning and the modifying scene is considered, South India has really carved a niche for itself. Down there, the list of modifications is endless, from changing the colour scheme to swapping the entire engine assembly, the list goes on and on. Modifying your car according to your personal needs might sound exciting and all but you gotta be aware of the authorities because most of the modifications are considered illegal. Recently, a similar incident took place in the South. Kerala-based vloggers ‘E Bull Jet’ have had their modified Force Traveller seized by the Motor Vehicle Department (MVD).

E Bulljet pic 3

Vloggers Ebin and Libin have a popular travel channel on YouTube with over 1.7 million subscribers. They use their caravan to visit places. Recently, their Force Traveller, dubbed Napoleon, was repainted and customized with a few accessories, which is said to have caught the attention of the authorities.

Modifications Done

The modification which can be seen through the pictures include a paint job consisting of sharp colours and the on the sides, their channel’s logo. Along with the logo we can see a Wolf as well. Apart from this crazy paint job. The lights of the vehicle are also replaced with after-market ones which include headlamps and taillights. For further brightness, they have also installed auxiliary lights at the top. There is 2 auxiliary light set up plus a LED light bar. Now coming to the interior, this Force Traveller has been converted into a moving home, with sofas installed and a TV too! There are various modifications as well that we are not aware of.

E Bulljet pic 2

Motor Vehicle Department Issue

Initially, the MVD seized the vehicle due to an expired camper permit. But it was later found that the permit was valid. The van was seized once again because of some alleged issue with the documents. However, the YouTubers claim that the MVD was just harassing them as they had modified their vehicle. Having learned about their ordeals through social media, several of their followers gathered at the RTO in their support. The vloggers were taken into custody following the ruckus.

E Bulljet Pic 1

The Kerala MVD has been very strict when it comes to altering the specifications of cars and bikes. Earlier, an Isuzu V-Cross owner was slapped with a fine of Rs. 48,000 for modifying his vehicle. For the YouTuber incident, the fans of the channel have retorted to social media for justice. Justice for E Bull Jet is the movement’s name.

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