3,706 km in 85 hours – Yogesh Chavan and Sudeep NS Set New East to West Ride Record For India


Mahindra’ flagship motorcycle, the MOJO, has has entered the Indian Book of Records for crossing East to West India in the fastest time ever set by a motorcycle expedition. The expedition, undertaken by two MOJO owners and long-time riding partners Sudeep NS and Yogesh Chavan, flagged off from Tezu in Arunachal Pradesh and ended at Koteshwar in Gujarat, covering a total distance of 3,706 km in just 85 hours. The previous benchmark set by a motorcycle expedition covering a similar distance was 107 hours.

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Speaking about the achievement, Naveen Malhotra, Sr. General Manager – Sales, Marketing & Product Planning, Mahindra Two Wheelers Ltd said that the MOJO has proved its mettle yet again. Sudeep and Yogesh’s feat is an unprecedented achievement. The MOJO with its tour inclined DNA and state-of-the-art engine makes it an ideal bike to overcome long distances.


Yogesh Chavan, one of the two riders to achieve the feat, said, “I have been riding for several years now and have ridden many different bikes. But the MOJO clearly stands out for its comfort, ease of riding and the confidence it inspires from a rider. That made the MOJO the obvious choice for our expedition.”

His riding partner Sudeep NS said, “If you’re a rider keen to ride far and wide to unexplored places in your search for new stories and experiences, I can recommend no better bike than the MOJO.”

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