2013 Tata Nano facelift spotted for first time

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2013 Tata Nano diesel launch pics specs 2

Seen here are the first pics of the new 2013 Tata Nano. As was expected, the 2013 model of the Tata small car sports minor changes that aim to elevate the appeal of the car. These pics were taken during the shooting of a new ad campaign involving the new 2013 Tata Nano.

2013 Tata Nano diesel launch pics specs 3

The front end of the 2013 Nano sports a chrome strip that runs between the headlamps. A similar chrome strip can also be found at the rear of the car. The rear end will also come with a revised bumper that will have some vents.

2013 Tata Nano diesel launch pics specs 4

These vents might be an indication of a more powerful (diesel?) engine. It may be noted that it has always been said that the diesel variant would make its debut with the launch of the upcoming Nano facelift. In the profile, the car continues to look the same.

2013 Tata Nano diesel launch pics specs 1

On the inside, the car might come with added features and an upholstery change. There are also good chances that the car would come with a slightly revised instrument cluster.

Powering the Nano diesel would be an 800cc diesel engine that would be forced fed by a Garrett Turbocharger. This common rail diesel engine will have a max power output of [email protected] and a peak torque figure of [email protected]

It may be noted that the Tata Nano has failed to perform half as well as Tata Motors wanted it to and the car maker is now hoping that the diesel variant of the Nano would enable the small car to have a better showing on the sales chart. What would be real interesting though is to see how other small car makers in India react to the launch of Nano diesel.

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  • A Gupta says:

    In a status conscious country like ours, a car which shrieks poverty, abject poverty was never going to be looked upon as something desirable. Putting in a diesel might make a small difference though as the kitna det hai crowd had yet another reason to stay away.

    But CHROME?? What next? Racing stripes?

  • rahul says:

    what ppl need to understand is chrome by itself cannot make a “1 lakh car” look like a “5 lakh car”. Adding tonnes of chrome is not going to negate the negative publicity/mindset that has amassed over a period of time.
    What they can do instead is
    1) make the bloody thing reliable.. (and non combustible/non explosive)
    2) plonk a diesel (which they are about to)
    3) remove all association with nano.. (change name to micromini,haa-yes, pixel.. whatever)
    4) change the interiors/trim/fixture
    5) put in as many features and accessories as possible within that nano wheelbase
    6) project it as a value proposition – maybe around 3 lacs (at least tata will make some money on each vehicle sold)
    7) market the differences between the old vehicle and new, like crazy

    then… maybe..it might have a small shot at success…