2011 Swift caught testing on racetrack – complete video

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The Swift looks damn planted even at the limit around the corners in this video

Maruti Suzuki has always given India its most loved cars, be the the cute little 800 or the radical Swift which has fended off challenges from some of the best automakers in the world with elan in the past one year. We all know that the Swift is soon going to get replaced, and the news that it’s going to sport a 1.5 litre naturally aspirated and a 1.4 turbo (internationally) engine has already set our pulse racing.

Now, the Swift has always been a fun car to drive, with a responsive steering and peppy engines, so its quite natural to get excited with the prospect of getting even more power with those bigger mills. But what about the handling part? Will the new car sport superior underpinning for better handling? Well, if this video is something to go by, the new Swift will absolutely rock in terms of handling around the corners. Just have a look at the Japanese machine traversing the racing lines on the absolute limit on those ultra low profile tyres – it’s changing directions like a fly, without the slightest hint of understeer or body roll. It almost mimics a sports car in terms of body behavior. The old Swift was fun for sure, but it had a tendency to lose its tail quickly – the new Swift seems ready to set a new benchmark in its segment for sure-footedness. We are extremely excited. Just watch this video, and we are damn sure you will too!
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