2010 Kwackers: The ugly get uglier

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What you can see here are the ‘significant’ upgrades in Kawasaki’s 2010 model range. Starting off with the ZX10R, the litre-class Ninja was undoubtedly the ugliest looking of the 1000cc lot and this year’s colors are not set to change anything. The new colour scheme on the revised bodywork shown here is reminiscent of the Ninjas in the early ‘90s but that is not going to help the 10R much, we think. There are some upgrades too, like a Ohlins steering damper, a redesigned exhaust muffler and a pillion seat finished in green leather – but that we think is not enough to warrant its $13,000 (approx Rs. 6-lakhs before taxes) price tag.


The 1400GTR too retains its cry-baby looks for 2010 but gets upgraded with a traction control system, K-ACT II ABS, heated grips, relocated glove box, new design of tyres, stiffer suspension elements and a revised bodywork for better cooling. All this may sound like a bargain at $15,000 (approx Rs. 7-lakh before taxes), but we strongly believe that the grand tourer is going to face some serious competition once the Honda VFR1200 rolls out.


The third disappointment comes in the form of the Z1000 – a bike which at one point in time defined the very meaning of a ‘street fighter’. As you can see here though, its seems that Kawi’s street fighter has returned from a brawl with a broken spine! Though the new bike gets a brand new 1043cc engine with revised bodywork, suspension and frame, there is tough battle ahead for the Kwacker as the competition lines up with the likes of the Brutale 1090RR, CB1000R and the Ducati Streetfighter…

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