2010 Apache RTR: More braking power

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TVS Apache RTR 180

Indian manufacturers, especially the likes of TVS and Bajaj are getting into the groove of upgrading their flagship models almost every year – a practice that is prevalent in the global market as well. 2010 then, will see the new TVS bikes getting an upgrade that is sure to bring an awe onto their’s competitors’ faces! Come Auto Expo and the RTR twins (160 and 180) will get better braking power in the form of an Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), much similar to the ones seen on large capacity sports tourers.

TVS has recently been testing these units on the race track and it seems that all has been going well so far. These units wont be standard on all variants and will hence attract a premium over the base models. Alongside these new upgrades, TVS will also preview the RTR180 EFi at the Auto Expo.

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