This Modified Maruti Esteem Journeyed From Midnapore To Maranello

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When you hear somebody talk about a bright yellow car, the first thing to ring your mind would be a nice looking exotic, perhaps a Lamborghini or even a Ferrari. Bright colours tend to gain a lot of attention from our eyes, particularly when it is seen on something unique, like the car in this video. Once you set your eyes on it, you can not stop looking at it. No matter how long you look at it, you would still not have had enough. But if you manage to get over this beauty somehow, under all those jaw-dropping curves is a humble Maruti Suzuki Esteem.

Modified Maruti Suzuki Esteem front

Carrying an extreme body change, this Esteem has gone beyond recognition. The front end, heavily redesigned, tapers towards the centre meeting at a sharp edge, ready to cut the air, maybe even off the ground. The headlight assembly is very minimalistic, yet, talkative in a toony manner, comprising of three individual lamps. These lights also get an LED element at the edge of the circle, functioning as DRLs. Oh, and in true supercar style, the number plate has been stuck on the left corner of the car, keeping the front end clean an clutter free.

Modified Maruti Suzuki Esteem side

The Esteem was a four-door family sedan but when you make it a sports car, those additional doors are not needed. The car has been converted into a proper 2-door coupé and the rear bench can be accessed through the front door. The wheels are conventional steel rims but have been blacked out to provide a nice contrast with the bright yellow paint. Another design highlight present of the side is this flat crease which starts behind the front wheel and beautifully meets the rear wheel arch. On the inside, the yellow theme continues with elements like the dashboard and seats which have been given the bright yellow treatment. But one look at the rear, and you will be blown!

Modified Maruti Suzuki Esteem Front quarter

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The glass area is highlighted by the slats present on the rear window. Mid-engined cars use these slats to extract heat out of the engine and keep the paint around that area safe. The Esteem did have an air-conditioner if our memory serves us right. The tail light assembly consists of two round lights present on each side, which seem to be inspired by a certain Ferrari. The reverse light has been integrated below the number plate and is very hard to see when not switched on. Below is a video which showcases this yellow Esteem for you to watch. Let us know what you think about in the comments of our social media pages.