Five Strange Habits Of Some Car Owners And Drivers In India

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It’s not just in India, but in every country, people display unique behaviour when it comes to cars. It could be about the way they drive, how they treat their vehicles and even the way they use one. We display such unique behaviour too when it comes to our cars. However, some of our habits are so strange, we can only hope we don’t become famous for these. Listed below are a few.

The Seatbelt Is For The Seat

wrong incorrect seat belt use

Do you think only cab drivers snap the seatbelt into the fastener, by making it travel behind their back and quickly wear it when they see a cop? Wrong! Their technique is fast spreading among those who for some weird reason think that the seatbelt gives them a feeling of being choked. Since modern cars come fitted with alarms which keep beeping unless the belt is fastened, this technique is fast gaining popularity. So much so, one of our well-educated, hotshot friends observed a cabbie do it and since then, she has been making the driver’s seat wear the seatbelt instead of wearing it herself.

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Rear Passengers Are Too Far From Impact To Wear Seatbelts

Rear seatbelt Importance

How many times have you observed a backseat passenger in India wearing a seatbelt? Chances are, a few times, maybe, never. We don’t really know the logic behind it or is it the discomfort factor again. But if you don’t wear one in the backseat too, please start doing it for your own safety. If you feel uncomfortable, here’s an experiment you can perform. If you ever travel in the backseat during a long journey and wish to sleep, try wearing the seatbelt and see how you are held in one place instead of falling on the other passenger with your drool on his / her shirt. Once you get into the habit, you will feel odd sitting in the car without one.

I am Midas With A Chrome Touch

Renault Kwid Chrome Weather Deflector
Renault Kwid Chrome Headlamp Eyeliner
Renault Kwid Chrome Fog Lamps

We don’t need to talk much about this. If we had our way, some of us would even wrap the steering wheel in chrome and then add a chrome stitched cover on top.

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My Stuffed Toys Travel With Me

stuffed toy tiger

This is a weird mystery which has us puzzled. So many cars have these stuffed toys on the rear parcel tray and these vehicles belong to fully-grown adults, some of whom don’t even have kids. From Tweetie bird to Tigers, puppies and what not, they’re all there. Not to mention they do block the IRVM’s field of view.

The Road Is My Spitoon

pierce brosnan pan bahar

We invented the festival of Holi and we have every right to play it all year, even when driving. All one has to do is buy a sachet of this magical stuff which has a picture of a popular actor on its packaging. Once the contents are popped inside, just open the car’s door from time to time and paint the road or the shirt of the biker riding behind in Red!

These aren’t the only things which make us unique in a weird sort of a different manner. there’s a lot more too. If you would like to share some, feel free to use our social media channels.

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