VIDEO: Road rage leads to rider hitting the pavement, dash-cam captures the moment


Road rage

This biker learnt a painful lesson in physics, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. The Brazilian rider got cut off by a white saloon and his ego couldn’t take the bruising. However, a close watch of the video also reveals the driver of the car acting in an offensive manner when the biker tried to brake abruptly in front of the car. The driver, too lost his cool and decided to act even more aggressively.

But one thing to always keep in mind as a biker, is that a car, is bigger than a motorcycle. And a car, because it weighs more than a bike, has more inertia and therefore, more energy behind its every move. In this case, the Brazilian biker couldn’t kick his way out of trouble. Rather, his kung-fu kick landed him in trouble. Remember, road rage never helps, especially if you are on a motorcycle and trying to tackle a car. This one is quite hilarious, at least to see the guy’s anger being doused by physics. That said, the rider is fortunate that this didn’t end in tragedy. Let us know what you think about road rage and how you would deal with something like this. And skip to 0:30 for the real action.


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