VIDEO: Red FM RJ Climbs Over Vehicles Violating Zebra Line as an Awareness Campaign


Zebra crossings rules are often  flouted, with cars, bikes trucks and autos frequently waiting on these white lines instead of waiting before them when the signal is red. This inconveniences pedestrians who intend to use the zebra crossing. While some of us would just choose to ignore it and go on with our lives, a few might just spurt out a few expletives (albeit in our minds). But this was not something the folks from a radio station did. They had a different viewpoint on the topic seen in the video below.


In what seems to be an awareness video, the folks at Red FM have shared a humorous take on what one can do if you ever happen see any vehicle waiting on the zebra crossing. The video, which is likely to have been shot in Kolkata, shows a guy walking over cars, taxis and trucks as well as slipping in between the passengers and their two wheelers. The method leaves a few owners smiling while the rest are not so pleased.

Although a good initiative, we are sure people in the real world would not take it sportingly, specially so if you plan to walk over an expensive set of wheels or even a politician’s car for that matter. The video itself is most likely to be a staged act so we would suggest that you attempt this stunt on your own risk. Meanwhile, let us know your views on this video through the comments section below.

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