VIDEO: Onboard Footage of a BMW HP4 Race at Isle of Man will parch your throat


The scariest, fastest, and one of the most ballsy places on Earth, the Isle of Man circuit is a place reserved only for a few Demigods who blur the lines between real life and a video game. Pushing a motorcycle as hard as they can while being inches away from all kinds of hazards, simply watching them even on a screen is enough to put our hearts and everything else in our mouths.


In what is being called as one of the best onboard videos of the Isle of Man TT, a heartless man called Peter Hickman is literally caning a BMW HP4 Race around the road course. The motorcycle seems to be enjoying it too as its front wheel lifts off and the bike lunges forward like it’s asking for more. For those unaware, Hickman holds the record as the fastest newcomer at the Isle of Man TT, with a fastest average lap speed of 207.773 km/h!!!


The machine, well they call it something which is more than the sum of all its parts. The HP4 Race is the first motorcycle in the world to offer a full carbon frame and wheels. With 215 hp on tap, it weighs just 171 kilos.  A handmade dream reserved only for 750 enthusiasts.

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