Road Rage: Biker and Lexus passenger enter fist fight, hilarity ensues


Note: Motoroids does not support such actions. Always respect other road users.

We see loads of videos on YouTube that depicts road rage. Most of these are quite boring and some are outright violent and unnecessary. This one falls in neither of those categories and if we may, looks quite staged. However, it isn’t staged and these aren’t actors. That said these two do look like Mayweather and Pacquiao wannabes. The incident took place in Texas and proves that if you can’t fight, take your fighting somewhere private. In this case, these two only embarrassed themselves by landing up on the interweb for the whole world to see. The footage was captured by a fellow motorist, who for the most part, is chuckling as he records this. We are not quite sure why this whole debacle began, but what we are sure of is that it ended without any blood being shed.

This ‘fight’ looks more like two school kids trying to re-enact a video game action sequence. Suffice to say, the biker landed at least a couple of swings on the Lexus dude. Mind you, the latter wasn’t even driving the Lexus GS300 (older model). This man, who was just a rear seated passenger, doesn’t even seem to care that he looks like a discount Eminem. Although I personally think that Eminem might be slightly better at fisticuffs. All said, watch this face-off for yourself and please do have a good laugh. Let us know what you thought about this whole situation.

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