Five Bumper Stickers That’d Make You Go ROFL!

Here are five bumper stickers that'd make your day. Read ahead for more details and images.


When it comes to creative/funny bumper stickers, there are very few who can beat us. Every now and then, you’d come across those ticklers that’d make you Roll On the Floor Laughing. We came across five such stickers that’d make your day:


This Rickshaw guy from Delhi has understood the secret of life (source)


This guy should be on RBI’s advisory board. Don’t you agree? (source)


When you got to go, you just got to go! (source)


The one with political views. Is anyone listening? (source)


Finally, the guy who has his financials sorted! (source)

These are just a few of the thousands of bumper stickers that are making someone laugh right now. Do you have some additions for this list? Share them with us through the comments section below.

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