Why Hero MotoCorp Impulse needs a bigger engine

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The end of Hero and Honda partnership had its own pluses and minuses. On the positive front, the end of the partnership led Hero MotoCorp venture into newer product categories to survive the ever rising competition and keep up with the changing times. This need for development and instinct of survival gave birth to the manufacturer’s first product post the end of partnership with Honda, the Impulse. Hero MotoCorp Impulse was one product that impressed the masses, particularly the ones who seek adventure and love to explore the wilderness during the weekends.

Opening the on/off road motorcycling segment for world’s largest two-wheeler manufacturer, the Hero Impulse donned the look and feel of a two-stroke off-road machine with the utility of a modern, four-stroke everyday motorcycle. We tested the motorcycle on-road and off-road and although we loved the design and ergonomics, the engine was a bit of a disappointment. The 149.2cc Air cooled, 4- stroke single cylinder OHC motor on this on/off-road motorcycle churned out 13.2 Ps of power at 7500 rpm and 13.4Nm of torque at 5000 rpm.


The engine, felt a tad under powered, failing to realise the true potential that the Impulse deserved. Now, while rumours are doing the rounds that the Hero Impulse will receive a more powerful engine soon, we decided to find out which motor would fit the requirement and do the job with utmost ease. Looking at Hero’s current engine line-up, two motors came to our mind instantaneously – the 223cc unit that is found on the Karizma series of motorcycles and the newly developed 250cc motor that would jewel up the HX250R.

We expect the HX250R to do considerably well which, according to us, would not let Hero have the buffer of loading the same engine on the Impulse. Hence, the 223cc fuel injected unit on the Karizma ZMR is the next best choice. We wouldn’t completely disagree to the thought that Hero should develop an all new engine but the cost behind the R&D would result in higher prices of the end product.

Upcoming Motorcycles 2015 - Hero MotoCorp Impulse

Coming back to the most logical engine choice for a more powerful Impulse – the 223cc air cooled, four-stroke single cylinder OHC motor with Fuel Injection of the Karizma ZMR is capable of churning out 20PS of power at 8000 rpm and 19.7Nm of torque at 6500 rpm. Mating this powerful engine with the lightweight body of the Impulse would give the motorcycle a phenomenal power-to-weight ratio while the torque will take care of those off-road hauls that the motorcycle is originally designed to do.

Moreover, with Erik Buell Racing on-board, the Hero Impulse can benefit from the years of experience that the American motorcycle sport company has. Yes, this would result in a bump up in prices. But what you would get, is a motorcycle that would have the suave face of Dr Jekyll on weekday commutes and will turn into a wicked Mr Hyde on the weekend rides.

Do you agree with us? Share your thoughts and opinions with us through comments section below. Stay tuned to Motoroids for all the updates from world of autos.

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  • mafuz ali says:

    I m from northeast and here impulses are seen like pulsars. And i m too a proud owner of impulse. I play motocross here in locals. All i need is some more power in that off road package beacause in a long stretch i always have to make strategies to remain fast then the other 220 riders rather then trusting in my 150 cc power. So i began research to swap my engine with karizma, but now having a hope with this article i am looking forward for this new impulse and i am sure this overpowered bike will be turning tables for the 220’s in tracks. Hero its a request from all please make it happen.

  • Raxit says:

    I would have gone with the impulse if it had come with the Karizma’s mill.
    The ride quality was awesome.
    Now apart form impulse which bike in the 150cc segment has the best ride quality ? I am asking only about supple suspensions which can tackle anything that our road throws at it.

  • karikor says:

    Plus the Company’s warranty. Very important.

  • It is rumored that Hero will launch a more powerful Impulse. However, no time frame or power details have been shared by the manufacturer till date.

  • Bernard Mendonca says:

    So I am looking to buy me a new bike. How true is it that Hero will modify and relaunch the Impulse. Any info on that?