VIDEO: Punjabi girl pulling off stunts on public roads without a helmet is a Cop!

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woman stunting on an enfield1

No helmet / riding gear, and flaunting her skills on public roads. Here’s a talented cop who needs a lesson in law and road safety

She’s Punjabi, she’s good looking, rides an Enfield like you and I cannot, but before you take that marriage proposal to her family and get down on your knees, get this, she’s a Cop! What makes her do the things which the law prohibits us lesser mortals to do on public roads then? Well, she says it was one of her seniors whom she saw perform stunts on his bike, and ever since, in her own words, the craze to go crazy took over. What also motivated her was the desire to do something different as a woman officer in the Punjab police department.

woman cop on bikewoman cop on bike 1

Since she already knew how to ride a motorcycle being seated on the saddle, it took the lady officer a mere two months to be able to stand up and ride. What we really liked is the fact that in this entire process, she has demonstrated that in these modern times, the saree guard is really a waste of an accessory. Short on time, the lady officer practices on public roads during her commute to work and back, which we believe isn’t the right way to do it. What she also needs is some decent riding gear to protect that pretty face, and her grace on two wheels.