VIDEO: Jorge Lorenzo’s swanky mansion in Spain is a petrol head’s dream

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Jorge Lorenzo Home - 2

Two time world MotoGP Champion Jorge Lorenzo Guerrero is currently engaged in a tough battle with his Movistar Yamaha MotoGP team mate Valentino Rossi who leads the way in the 2015 championship by 11 points as we write this article. While Lorenzo battles against the six-time world champion for the top spot in 2015, we stumbled upon video where Lorenzo takes the viewers for a tour of his million dollar mansion. Before we talk about the specific details, here is a quick glance of what that 12,917 square feet mansion in Barcelona, Spain is equipped with:

  • 4 bedrooms
  • 5 bath
  • 2 heated pools
  • 2 Jacuzzi
  • Training Facility
  • Private Discotheque
  • Private Theatre
  • Stock of cool Monster Energy drinks in the refrigerator and searing hot girls in bikini enjoying their sunbath near the pool

Jorge Lorenzo Home - 4

Guests are welcomed through a wooden gate, which we assume comes after a thorough security check. The gate directly gives access to the pool side with a deck for sunbath. The stately home holds a mesmerizing view of the Mediterranean Sea on one side and never-ending  green natural landscape with no human construction in sight on the other. The Yamaha racer prefers the latter view. The MotoGP racer works hard and parties harder in his private discotheque constructed right next to the entrance pool, overlooking the Lorenzo’s favourite view of the mountains.

As the guests climb the first floor, they are embraced by a spellbinding sight of Jorge’s two world championship winning motorcycles – one from 2010 and second from 2012 while the 2012 MotoGP trophy adorns the following room. The play area of the house holds a billiard table and a poker table, the latter is yet to be used by the Movistar Yamaha racer.

Jorge Lorenzo Home - 5

Jorge’s room, the biggest chamber in the home, is furnished with a shower which is sculpted from a special stone with lights inside it. The room yet again holds the view of the never-ending landscape that the racer is obsessed with. There is also a Jacuzzi, right at the top of the house, with the same view of the mountains. The home is future ready and most of the features of the house can be accessed by an iPad.

Fitness area has a ping-pong table, a punching bag and some cardio exercise equipment but main attraction is a boxing ring. We are not sure if Lorenzo uses the punching bag or the boxing ring after a bad racing day. Moving on then.

Jorge Lorenzo Home - 7

The most alluring room of the house is the garage which shelters Lorenzo’s rides. The room features a variety of Yamaha motorcycles – YZF-R1, a 450cc Yamaha motocross bike, Yamaha TMax Scooter and a Yamaha enduro motorcycle – after all, he is a team Yamaha racer. Apart from the Yamaha motorcycles, Lorenzo also has a Mercedes SLS-AMG, one of his most prized possessions, especially because of the the gullwing doors.

Without any further ado, here is the video. Be warned though – it may be mildly “Not Safe For Work”:

After watching the whole video, it is safe to assume that the 28-year-old Jorge Lorenzo Guerrero is living every petrol head’s dream. Don’t you agree?

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Jorge Lorenzo Home – 7
Jorge Lorenzo Home – 6
Jorge Lorenzo Home – 5
Jorge Lorenzo Home – 4
Jorge Lorenzo Home – 3 – The Much Talked About View
Jorge Lorenzo Home – 2
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