VIDEO: BMW 7-Series Parking Assistant Lets You Park The Car With Just Your Pinky

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The BMW 7-Series is among the handful of cars which are infused with the very best of the latest technological advancements in the automotive world. For being a flagship, its grandeur has been showered with so many features, you could buy one and find something new about the car, even after a year of ownership. One such feature, not exclusive to this vehicle, but amazing nonetheless, is the BMW Parking Assistant.


Unlike various other adaptations of this feature elsewhere, the Parking Assistant in the BMW 7-Series scans the area as you drive forward and picks an ideal spot for the car to rest. Such is the level of intelligence, it even accounts for the space required for you to get out when you swing the door open. Once the car picks a spot, all you need to do is switch the turn signal on in the direction where the car has found the space, hold the Parking Assist button down, and take your body parts away from the controls. The car then steers, brakes, accelerates, switches gears and does everything on its own until it parks itself perfectly in the selected area.

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Oh and if the spot’s too tight, as demonstrated in the video above, you can always align the car manually first and then use the RC feature on its remote to back it up in position and bring it out when you’re ready to leave.

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