VIDEO: When You Must Become a Superhero Just to Get Home For the Night

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Life. It isn’t the same for all of us. It can never be. But the divide must not be so ridiculous, it makes you question the very existence of society and its laws. And when the highs and lows of life hit you at the same time while you’re being given a massage in the backseat of a car, there simply is no clarity in your head as for how you must feel.

It so happened that we were shut by the world outside, in a BMW 7-Series. As we marvelled at the accomplishments of human intelligence inside, the sedan’s wealthy illumination caught a man who was clinging on to a local taxi in a position so awkward, we wondered if he really did put himself in a position like that or was he a situational superhero who had to put on an unintentional show unless he could afford to miss the last ride home. He had a sidekick too who wanted to be true to what they call him and hung himself by the sides.


We wondered if both of them were none of the above and were being used as ballasts to maintain weight distribution. And then when we glanced inside, we understood that those two were maybe just holding the doors shut and saving the countless humans inside who were stuffed like excess filling in a chicken momo. Inside the luxury car’s super quiet cabin, an everyday superhero had used his superpowers on us. He had hit the mute button to our thoughts. He made it ever so visible to us that how we’ve learnt to balance the most complex of equations and situations, yet, we still are unable to bring the balance of equality to human life.

When a country of nearly a billion and a half can fight for the cause of history, religion, age-old practices, and everything else secondary, maybe it’s time we remembered that we still haven’t won the battle for basics. Share this video with anyone you know who can bring this sorry state of affairs on our roads to the attention of the authorities.

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  • Vikram says:

    Man dont publish the car’s no. plate, someone might go and try to find fault with the poor driver for overstuffing his car. But its just the way of life for some people in our society and it will only inconvenience the people who wont be able to find a cab to travel to their homes at night. The rich cannot understand the necessities of the poor.