This Tata Xenon modification inspired by the Mercedes Ener-G-Force Concept is mad

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Let us briefly get introduced to the Mercedes-Benz Ener-G-Force Concept first. Developed for the L.A. Auto Show Design Challenge 2012 which asked the participants to design a go-anywhere police vehicle for the year 2025, the Ener-G-Force is designed by students to endure the worst driving conditions.

The vehicle is purely a design exercise yet with nothing propelling it for now. Mercedes, however is touting it as an environmentally friendly vehicle powered by hydrogen fuel cells. Know more about it here.

Tata Xenon modification (3)

Somebody from India got smitten by the Ener-G to a level where he sacrificed an entire Tata Xenon pick-up to mimic the concept’s butch looks.

The front end stays fairly true to the concept’s, right down to the domed bonnet, deep headlamp clusters and the three-pointed star logo. The cop lights atop the front windscreen have also been emulated, but haven’t been resolved too well, transforming itself into an ill-positioned, slightly tasteless spoiler.

Tata Xenon modification (1)

The sides also reek of the Ener-G, especially the wheel arches which are a fairly accurate representation of the arches seen on the concept. Filling the arches up are off-road specific, meaty Maxxis Bighorn tires that compliment the shiny alloy wheels.

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The rear is a bit of  shame, but we quite like the cover, specifically custom built to cover the loading area. Wagon-R sourced tail lamps and the tacky rear spoiler are a big no-no, the latter even getting its own raised platform of sorts.

Everything’s topped off with matte orange paintwork (or wrap), with grey accents representing the plastic bits.

Further details about the build are scarce, but whether you hate it or love it, the build quality, effort and levels of craftsmanship are to be appreciated.

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Tata Xenon modification (3)
Tata Xenon modification (2)
Tata Xenon modification (1)

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  • aakash sharma says:

    Really good work. i want to know about all modifications done in this vehicle. If anybody know about this plz help me out. I want to do same kind of modifications to my xenon.

  • Vinayraj says:

    A more tasteful colour combination and it can really be a looker! Also better tail lights.