Suzuki Inazuma digitally re-imagined by Motoroids fan

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 An immensely capable motorcycle marred by looks that only it’s mother would love, the Suzuki Inazuma was a complete sales dud. In fact, Suzuki is rumored to be pulling the plug on the quarter liter tourer soon. In case you’re wondering why the Inazuma never rang at the box office, here’s our detailed analysis of the same-  Suzuki Inazuma: How a great product was wasted.

Suzuki Inazuma

Meanwhile, keen Motoroids fan Adarsh Saravanan shares the same sentiments, and digitally re-imagined the Inazuma with some thoughtfully added bits from the Suzuki stable.

Changes incorporated include:

1. The rear section of the Inazuma starting from the tank has been completely replaced with that of the Suzuki GSR 750 street fighter.

2. The original Inazuma headlight was retained as a base but tweaked a bit with parts of GSR 750’s headlight.

3. The exhaust and forks colour has been changed to make them stand out and give a big street fighter bike feel.

4. A black and white dual colour tone has been used- the tank extensions and the rear section are now highlighted in white.

5. The front mud guard has been replaced with GSR750’s mudguard.

6. The GSR750 has only one silencer, but Adarsh reckons that the Inazuma looks great with dual silencers,so the GSR’s silencer has been duplicated on the other side of the bike too.

The rest of the bike is untouched and Adarsh sees the end product is a really sporty street fighter, for which he reckons people will cough up the 2-3 lakh  price easily. What do you guys think?

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  • Rajaram says:


  • That’s one good mod you’ve got there. Can you share more images with us at [email protected]

  • Rajaram says:

    A wonderful refined ride. Glad i got one when it was available. Never liked the looks, so physically re-imagined it a bit 🙂 here : If anybody wants to know the list of mods, would be glad to share.

  • Vijay K says:

    Its a good effort in diffusing the ungainly looks of the motorcycle. For some reason Inzuma always reminds me of Inzamam ( Big ,looks un athletic, but a smooth operator).

  • hari says:

    Suzuki in big brand and they knows how to build a super sport,naked street fighter,cruiser,offroader or a commuter. Inazumas current design and parallel twin long stroke engine with midrange torque is meant for a purpose and for a people who comes in that category. so according to me, front fender and headlight is the only downside in design all does its job well for wht it made for.anyway i appreciate the job done and its done neatly..good job.