Stunning Modern-Day Jaguar XJ220 Imagined

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Back in 1992, Jaguar collaborated with racing specialists Tom Walkinshaw Racing to produce the XJ220 – a sleek two-seater sportscar that carried a potent 3.5 Litre Twin-Turbo V6 that put out 540 BHP and 640 N-m of peak torque. The XJ220 recorded a top speed of 341.7 km/h which made it the fastest production car till 1993. A prototype also clocked the ‘Ring in 7:46:63, making it the fastest car to do so till then.



Alas, the days of Jaguar made hypercars seem to be at an end. Even though it revealed the gorgeous CX-75 and even showcased it in James Bond’s Spectre, it saw the end of the road in 2012 due to economic infeasibility. That, however, did not stop Slovakian designer Ivan Venkov from penning down his stunning view of what a modern-day XJ220 could look like.


The inspiration is very evident when you look at the profile of the rendered hypercar with its cab-forward stance, the long front and rear overhangs and the svelte rear haunches. The wheel arches carry the Jaguar DNA that can be seen across its new model range.


The bodywork is immaculately shaped with cuts, creases and curves all at the right places. The body has heavy air intakes on the side and on the front wheel arches. The front features an interesting design for the headlamps with unique nostril like air vents on the hood. The grille seems to draw inspiration from BMW, with a split two-piece design.

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The rear gets a neat single LED taillamp and an aggressive diffuser. Two tear-drop shaped chrome finished exhausts also feature at the rear. The front windscreen wraps around the side into the front windows to give the glass a seamless look. The car also gets sweet gullwing doors to ease driver access.


Now, even though this particular version won’t make it to production since this is, of course, an unofficial render, we are secretly hopeful that Jaguar will consider making a hypercar again. A 1000+ BHP Cat to rival the McLaren P1, the LaFerrari and the Porsche 918 sounds delectable, no?

21st Century Jaguar XJ220 Imagined 006
21st Century Jaguar XJ220 Imagined 013
21st Century Jaguar XJ220 Imagined 003
21st Century Jaguar XJ220 Imagined 007
21st Century Jaguar XJ220 Imagined 002
21st Century Jaguar XJ220 Imagined 004

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