Stealth-2 Chitkara University’s car to participate in Shell Eco Marathon Asia!

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These are the times when going green is increasingly becoming the mantra for all the automakers. When it comes to automobiles, cleaner and greener machines are the way forward for a sustainable world. As a part Chitkara University’s endeavor to create a green machine, a Press Release was organized by well known firm Aotodesk for the presentation of Project Stealth-2 at PHD House, Chandigarh on Monday. The project is a creation of thirteen sharp minds. It was not just another college project. A team of Chitkara College of Engineering and Technology have put in hundreds of man hours to make a car that that could help create a greener world. Basically STEALTH-2 is a car made solely to set maximum fuel efficiency records.


Dibhanshu Bhattacharya who belongs to Autodesk shared his thoughts with media. According to him STEALH-2 is a big success for everyone who is involved in its creation. “The team has worked really hard and we are very proud of all the students” he said. Wing commander R S Gill and general secretary Mrs. Madhu Chitkara were also present.

A software called Autodesk Inventor Professional 2010 was used for designing the car. The aerodynamic car has been made using extremely lightweight materials. The entire project cost Rs 1.03 Lakh, said university authorities.

The team is led by Manish and Abhimanyu studying in final year of mechanical engineering. The STEALH -2 is a great achievement for them. It was not easy to reach at this level. They have put in a lot of effort. First of all to get a sponsorship from Autodesk, they sent their model designs to Autodesk officials. Later on their designs were approved and Autodesk provided all the support to turn this dream project into reality. The team was present at 2010 auto expo. MOTOROIDS is the official web partner of STEALTH -2 and we are more than happy to help this upcoming talent.

In past they have participated in SAE events also. Now the team is all geared up and looking forward to compete in the upcoming SHELL ECO MARATHON ASIA event, which is to take place on 8th,9th and 10th July at Sepang Intenational Circuit, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

Chitkara University’s car

As evident from the name, the event is about deriving the maximum fuel efficiency from a car. The more your car can travel on a limited amount of fuel the better are your chances to win the event. Last year’s vehicle from the university had covered 160 km using a litre of petrol. This time, the students expect to achieve 200 km. Over 150 teams across ASIA are going to participate in this event. We at Motoroids wish Team Stealth 2 all the best and hope to see them back with some more achievements.



Motoroids: When did you start planning for this 2nd project?
Team Stealth 2: The planning was always in the pipeline although basically we started working on the new model from October 2009.

Motoroids: What kind of hurdles and problems you had to face?
Team Stealth 2: Well when we were starting it was quite tough without any sponsors as we were facing financial problems. On top of that locating different parts during production of the STEALH-2 was also tough.

Motoroids: What is the total cost of your project?
Team Stealth 2: The total cost of the finished vehicle is around 1 Lakh.

Motoroids: Did you use any special technologies?
Team Stealth 2: Yes, there are quite a few important softwares used courtesy Autodesk. But one more important thing is that we have designed the transmission in house.

Motoroids: The Stealth2 car seems to be completely ready now but when development will begin, are you also considering to do something about driver’s seating position?
Team Stealth 2: Yes we understand that the driver has to contain himself tightly in the car, but right now our whole concentration is on achieving the maximum fuel efficiency which we have accomplished in tests.



  1.  ENGINE: HONDA GX 35, 35 CC Engine delivering 1.3 bhp at 7000 rpm (only 5 kgs)
  2.  BODY: Polycarbonate sheets (3 mm thick)
  3. CHASSIS: All aluminium chassis
  4. FRAME: Aluminium


  1. Light weight
  2. Expected mileage of over 200 kmpl
  3. Automatic clutch
  4. Self designed power transmission
  5. Self designed 4 bas link mechanism steering
  6. Single seater
  7. Transparent body
  8. 3 tyre vehicle
  9. Aerodynamic shape
  10. Use of disc brakes
  11. Very low fabricating cost
  12. Vehicle has Ground clearance of 1.5 inch

Report: Harkamal Singh (MotoRep, Chandigarh)
Pictures: Gaurav Kandal

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