Six Cars Which Have Gone Without A Proper Update For Too Long

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These days, things lose their novelty real quick as manufacturers come out with an update within a year or so to keep the product relevant and fresh. The world of cars is not too different either as rivals keep bombarding their vehicles with updates to stay in the lead.

However, there are some exceptions in the Indian car space which have continued for too long without a proper update. These examples still manage to draw a good amount of buyers for their brilliance in other areas, however, for the lack of new flash, these lose out on a lot of buyers’ cash. Here are six cars which have gone without a through update for too long and it’s about time they get one.

Volkswagen Polo

2019 Volkswagen Polo GT headlights

Since the time it was first introduced, the only updates which the Volkswagen Polo received in India have been new bumpers, headlights, new engines and not more than a couple of bits inside the cabin. The hatchback with its timeless design, an exciting petrol engine and sorted dynamics, still attracts many, however, in the price range where it operates, the average Indian buyer who wants everything latest and better rear-seat space, finds other new-age options. Its sedan derivative, the Vento, is no different either. The brand’s reputation in the after-sales department hasn’t been the best and it’s not a secret. Although we hear that things are improving and we’ll know more when we send one of our cars for periodic service in a few days.

Skoda Rapid

20200715_Infograph_RAPID RIDER PLUS

Skoda’s breadwinner in India has been in the news as its base variants now compete against odd-looking sedans from a class lower. The “more car for less” equation, coupled with an exciting new engine has brought the ageing C-sedan back into the mix, however, like the Polo and everything else’s, the Rapid’s “timeless” has an expiry date too. And where its rivals can charge your compatible phone wirelessly and do other things, the Rapid decides to hide its USB slot inside the glovebox!

Ford Ecosport

2020 Ford EcoSport BS6

What helped in kickstarting the compact SUV revolution in India, the Ford Ecosport is still a lovely machine. Over the years, some subtle styling updates and addition of features have helped it rake in the numbers. Also, maintenance, according to Ford, is easy on the pocket. However, it’s high time the Ecosport gets proper reinforcements to slug it out with newer rivals.

Renault Duster

2019 Duster 1

In the current scheme of things, the Renault Duster’s unchanged external appearance and grey-haired cabin layout manage to hide the vehicle’s mechanical brilliance. What was once their bestseller in India, the Duster still rides like no other vehicle in the class can. For many, what’s hard to digest is the fact that it has been updated internationally while we have to make do with an older version. Renault’s decision to discontinue the diesel motor hasn’t helped matters, although the new 1.3-litre turbo petrol engine does sound exciting.

Maruti Suzuki Baleno

Maruti Suzuki Baleno front quarter

With the exception of a slightly different-looking fascia, modern lighting elements and a few changes inside the cabin, the Baleno hasn’t changed much since it was first introduced as the maker’s first premium hatchback. What is still a very relevant product, this Maruti has a new competitor in the form of the Tata Altroz, while a thoroughly updated i20 will be introduced later this year. In the company of these two, the Baleno does look like it will need a dose of ‘fresh’.

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Maruti Suzuki Alto

Alto 800 facelift 2019

India’s bestselling car, the Alto has the liberty to carry on the way it is for as long as it likes and for as long as people keep buying. But in the company of the Kwid (which looks definitely better), it does appear basic. Some would say that there’s the S-Presso if you aren’t okay the Alto’s appearance, but what elevates a leader’s appeal is when he takes the lead to redefine things for better and brings about change before everyone else.

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