Do NOT try this at home: Watch this man do yoga on a speeding bike

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Yoga on bike

Think you’ve seen it all? 45-year old Gugulotu Lachiram from somewhere in Andra Pradesh shows us the delicate art of honing his yoga skills on a speeding Honda Shine motorcycle- without even a smidgen of safety equipment on board. Yes, you read that right. While motorcycle stunting is coming of age in India, this is not exactly where we want it to head.

Yoga on bike2

Gugulotu Lachiram, a farmer and a family man explains that he’s been passionate about yoga and motorcycles since forever. That led to the novel idea of mixing both of his favorite pastimes together, without referring to the sheer lawlessness of all of it . The “stuntman” replays this dangerous activity on a daily basis on his commute to work, with the bike riding at around 60 km/h  for 5 km on traffic strewn roads. Sometimes he is joined by happy-go-lucky pillions too!

Yoga on bike1

Although Gugulotu claims he’s had no accident so far, basks in local stardom and has great plans to carry on to make the whole thing national (yeah, right!), we strongly advise our readers to enjoy yoga and biking separately for the rest of their lives and shun such abomination. Ironically, our man’s inspiration came when he saw people performing dangerous bike stunts on national television.

Yoga on bike3

The clip below, which comes from Barcroft TV, shows the Yoga rider in action.

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